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Mike Lopach
Human Services Manager
P: 480-312-0001
[email protected]

Let’s build a more sustainable tomorrow, today.

Brick by Brick is a program developed and coordinated by Scottsdale's Human Services department to assist people experiencing homelessness. Participants produce compressed earth blocks, which are adobe-like bricks, for use in Scottsdale capital projects and other areas throughout the community. The activity combines volunteerism, community development, economic vitality and environmental initiatives to develop awareness around the use of sustainable material to build quality, energy-efficient structures.

Scottsdale has partnered with Phoenix Rescue Mission to provide this opportunity for homeless individuals to end their cycle of homelessness. This program is known as Scottsdale Works.

When COVID-19 constraints ease, Brick by Brick will engage volunteers – both individuals and groups – committed to bring about change. It’s a level of engagement and transformation that’s possible: Brick by Brick!

This program, currently funded by CARES Act dollars, is part of Scottsdale’s effort to make homelessness rare, brief and non-recurring.

Media Series

Brick by Brick - Program Participant Interview

Learn more about the Brick by Brick program through this interview with a program participant and hear more about his journey through Scottsdale’s Human Services programs.

Brick by Brick - CEB production

The Brick by Brick program produces compressed earth block (CEB). CEB is an energy efficient building block that can be utilized to construct park ramadas, bus stops, restrooms, tiny homes, or even affordable housing. CEB is primarily comprised of locally screened soil, concrete sand, and the blocks are tested to local and international building code standards.

Brick by Brick - Benefits of Earthen Buildings

The Brick by Brick program proposes to facilitate community development by producing and utilizing compressed earth block (CEB) made using a social enterprise model 'grounded' in volunteerism.

Mud Talks 13: Manual Press CEBs with Mike Lopach from Brick by Brick

In our thirteenth Mud Talks podcast, we speak to Mike Lopach, the original founder of Adobe in Action. Mike has moved on to a new project in Scottsdale, Arizona called Brick by Brick. He and his team are using a manual block press to make CEBs (compressed earth blocks) together with people experiencing homelessness. Mike introduces us to some of the key differences between adobe and CEB production as well as his complete CEB production workflow - from raw soil to cured block.

Get Help

Anyone experiencing homelessness in Scottsdale is eligible for the Brick by Brick/Scottsdale Works program. If you have questions about Brick by Brick, please contact Human Services Center Supervisor Mike Lopach.

To learn more about Scottsdale Works, call 602-339-2977 or email [email protected].