Domestic Partner Coverage


Health insurance coverage is extended to employee’s domestic partners. This allows benefited employees to elect coverage for health and dental insurance, and life insurance for domestic partners.

Every domestic partner benefits enrollee is required to complete a notarized Domestic Partnership Affidavit with the relevant supporting documentation.

Monthly Premiums - Domestic Partner

Domestic Partner Imputed Income Worksheet


If you are a city of Scottsdale employee, you can contact Human Resources at 480-312-7600 for a confidential appointment to select or change domestic partner coverage and to discuss important tax considerations.

Frequently Asked Questions

An individual of either sex who shares a long-term committed relationship of indefinite duration with a benefit eligible employee.

In order to be considered a domestic partner all of the following criteria must be met:

  • The partners must currently reside together in an exclusive mutual commitment, which has existed for no less than one year (from start of benefit coverage), and for which there is mutual intent to continue the relationship indefinitely;
  • The partners share a permanent residence and are jointly responsible for basic living expenses;
  • The partners are not legally married to anyone else;
  • The partners are both 18 years or older;
  • The partners are not related by blood closer than allowed by marriage per A.R.S.;
  • The partners were mentally competent to consent to the contract when the domestic partnership began;
  • Each partner is the other’s sole domestic partner and is responsible for the other’s common welfare.

Yes, the City of Scottsdale requires that domestic partners provide documentation as evidence of joint responsibility, commitment, and duration of the domestic partnership. At least three of the following items are required. All documentation must be current and predated by at least twelve months.

  • Joint mortgage, joint property tax identification, or joint tenancy on a residential lease;
  • Joint bank account (checking or savings);
  • Joint liabilities (credit cards, car loans, etc.);
  • Joint ownership of significant property (vehicle, real estate, boat, etc.);
  • Durable property or health care powers of attorney;
  • Naming each other as primary beneficiary in wills, life insurance policies, or retirement annuities;
  • Written agreements or contracts regarding the relationship showing mutual support obligation.

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