State Required 10-Year General Plan Update

Current Update to the 2001 General Plan

Based on City Council direction in December 2016, Long Range Planning staff is  updating the 2001 General Plan to incorporate the two new State-mandated elements (Energy and Neighborhood Preservation and Revitalization); any other state required updates; and any necessary changes to the plan to update it to existing community conditions.

Scottsdale General Plan 2035

2035 Scottsdale General Plan Draft Cover Art

Task Force Recommended Draft
November 2014

In the fall 2012, based on feedback from the community, City Council directed the Planning Department to provide an inclusive process to create a new General Plan for community consideration.  This process began with a Town Hall made up of 100 community members representing various perspectives in Scottsdale, that came together to create the vision and values statements for the General Plan.  Following the town hall, Council established a 25-member Task Force to publicly draft a new General Plan for community and Council deliberation. The General Plan Task Force released their draft Scottsdale General Plan 2035 in November 2014, thus disbanding their role as a public body.

Once the Task Force draft plan was released, a series of citywide public outreach events occurred and community comments were collected and presented to the City Council in a work study session.  Council directed continued public outreach on the plan and in the fall of 2016, a new “desert rural land use” idea emerged from community members looking to preserve larger lots in northern Scottsdale.  Council reviewed and decided not to include the proposed new “desert rural land use” in the General Plan during a public study session in December 2016.  Rather, Council directed Planning Staff to retain the 2001 General Plan, and add the newer state- required elements and updates to this plan.

Scottsdale General Plan 2035 Resources

Scottsdale General Plan 2011

2011 Scottsdale General Plan Cover Art

Scottsdale General Plan 2011
Council Adopted, NOT voter ratified

Between 2009-2011, the Scottsdale General Plan 2011 was created by a Council-directed 19 member community working group made up of one person from each of the city’s boards and commissions, extensive citywide outreach and input, and followed the state statute required public hearing process for adoption. The plan was created as the 10-year state required update to the Council-adopted and voter-ratified City of Scottsdale General Plan 2001. The majority of the 2011 Plan included goals and policies retained from the City of Scottsdale General Plan 2001, as well as the addition of new state statute required elements.

The final plan went before City Council and was adopted on October 25, 2011. Per state statute requirements, the Scottsdale General Plan 2011 was then placed on the March 13, 2012 ballot for possible ratification by Scottsdale voters.  The Final Special Election results as reported by Maricopa County for City of Scottsdale Proposition 430 - Scottsdale General Plan 2011 - included a YES vote of 48.02% versus a NO vote of 51.98%. Consequently, the Scottsdale General Plan 2011 was not ratified by voters. Based on the outcome of the March 2012 Special Election, the City of Scottsdale General Plan 2001 remains in effect until such time that a new General Plan is approved by the voters.

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