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Discover better alternatives to sandbags for flood control

The Valley has already surpassed rain totals for the previous two monsoon seasons combined, according to the National Weather Service. We received 1.67 inches of rain in July, based on the official gauge at Sky Harbor Airport, making for the wettest July since 2013.

And the season is far from over… it doesn’t officially end until Sept. 30.

“The key to keeping safe during storm season is being prepared,” said Scottsdale Emergency Manager Troy Lutrick.“ Before storms hit, have items on hand and ready to go, including ones that protect your property from flooding.”

Some residents in Scottsdale rely on sandbags to protect their property from storm flooding. The city provides both sand and bags as a courtesy to residents. However, demand is typically high during storms, and the city cannot guarantee availability of complimentary sand and bags to everyone.

Before the next storm event arrives, the city encourages residents to explore the newer alternatives to sandbags – which are often more convenient, effective and easier to get. 

Flood diversion tubes act much like sandbags to block floodwaters from entering homes. The tubes are easy to place and weigh little until filled with water. Any common garden hose attaches, making the flood diversion barrier simple to fill. 

Other options include transportable flood fence barriers and water absorbent cushions.

Residents whose properties are subject to seasonal flooding are encouraged to explore these alternatives to sandbags through local hardware stores and online retailers. 


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