Article 11: City Court

Sec. 1. Establishment.

There shall be and is hereby established in the city a municipal court, to be known and designated "The City Court of Scottsdale, Maricopa County, State of Arizona."

Sec. 2. City judge; appointment; term; judges pro tempore.

The city judge shall be the presiding judge of the city court, shall be a duly licensed attorney in the State of Arizona and shall be selected in a manner provided by ordinance.  The initial term of a presiding judge shall be for two (2) years.  Subsequent reappointments of the presiding judge shall be for terms to be determined by ordinance, but in any event for not less than two years.  Additional city judges and judges pro tempore may be appointed to the city court in a manner provided by ordinance.  The city council shall determine the compensation to be paid to all city judges, including the presiding judge, and may remove them for cause.

Sec. 3. Ordinances to give effect.

The council shall pass all necessary ordinances to give effect to the provisions of this article, not otherwise herein provided.  The presiding judge shall propose and administer the court’s budget consistent with city budget and finance ordinances and policies.

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