Via Linda Roundabouts


Project Information

Portions of Via Linda between Hayden and Pima roads will be closed to all traffic while five new compact roundabouts are built. The new roundabouts will replace the existing, small traffic circles at 83rd Pl., 84th St., San Rafael Dr., 87th St., and San Pablo Dr.

Construction began on May 29 and phase one is now complete.  Phase 2 is underway and will take longer than anticipated due to the intense storm activity experienced in the area. Via Linda will be closed between 83rd Pl. and San Pablo Dr. until Sept. 7.

In general, construction work will take place from 6 a.m. – 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. Weekend and extended hours may be necessary. Construction work will be performed by Visus, Inc.

Project Background 

In the mid-1980’s the City of Scottsdale was contacted by the residents of McCormick Ranch to assist with concerns about traffic volumes and speeds in their neighborhood. Ultimately five traffic circles were built along Via Linda between Hayden Rd. and Pima Rd.

Roundabout design has advanced dramatically in 30 years and the city will be replacing the traffic circles with more modern roundabouts. The modern roundabouts function to better control the flow of traffic, make each approach to the intersections uniform and continue to act as traffic control devices. Additionally, the new roundabouts will improve drainage and the safety of pedestrian traffic crossing Via Linda. The roundabouts will be designed to fit within the existing right-of-way with inscribed circle diameters of 60 to 70 feet.

Project Information

Budget: $500,000

Sponsoring Division: Transportation

Funding Source: Transporation Sales Tax

Project Location: Via Linda between Hayden and SR101

Contact Information

Joe Phillips
Project Manager
P:  480-312-2522 

Proposed Improvements

Overall Plan