Scottsdale Road Improvements Jomax Road to Dixileta Drive


Project Information

The City of Scottsdale is beginning to design a series of improvements to a two-mile segment of Scottsdale Road from Jomax Road to Dixileta Drive, including the intersection of Scottsdale Road and Dynamite Blvd.

Consistent with the City’s Transportation Master Plan, this project will convert this section of Scottsdale Road to a complete street including updates to the major intersections, landscaped medians, bike lanes, sidewalks and trails to improve safety, capacity and accessibility for motor vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians.  Existing signalized Dynamite Boulevard will be replaced with a multi lane roundabout. 

This project will include the design of:

  • 8-foot wide separated sidewalk on the west side
  • 10-foot multi use path or 8-foot trail on the east side
  • multilane roundabout at the intersection of Dynamite Boulevard
  • High intensity activated crosswalk (HAWK) crossing at Pinnacle Vista Drive
  • 150-foot of right of way (targeted)
  • Eliminate wet crossings

Virtual Public Meeting
Ending October 21 

To participate in the virtual public meeting for Scottsdale Road from Jomax Road to Dixileta Drive please follow these steps:

Step 1

Watch or listen to the presentation.

Step 2

Review the materials and frequently asked questions below if you need additional information.

If you have additional questions you can also review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Section.

Step 3

If you still have questions call the project hotline.

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The presentation and materials will remain online once the meeting is over and all comments will be included in the public involvement report as the project continues to mover though the public process.

Project History

On May 19, 2020 the City entered into an agreement with Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) for funding of design and construction for the majority of these improvements. On July, 1 2020, the City Council approved an Engineering Services Contract with Ritoch-Powell and Associates, Inc. to provide preliminary assessments, complete design and construction documents.

Project Schedule

Fall 2020 – Spring 2021

Data Gathering
Traffic Analysis
Drainage Analysis
Noise Analysis
Spring & Summer 2021 Develop Preferred Alternative
October 2021 Virtual Public Meeting #1
Fall 2021 Initial Design
Fall 2022 Virtual Public Meeting #2
Winter 2022/Spring 2023 Public Hearing Process
Final Design
Right of Way Acquisitions
Utility Relocations
Fall 2023-2025 Roadway Construction


Frequently Asked Questions

On Scottsdale Road the speed limit will remain 50 mph which is the current posted speed for most of the corridor. Within the Dynamite Road roundabout and all approaches, the speed limit will be reduced to 20 mph.

2019 Traffic volumes on Scottsdale Road between Jomax and Dynamite are 30,600 vehicles per day and between Dynamite and Dixileta are 27,200 vehicles per day. 2025 projected volumes for Jomax to Dynamite are 31,800 vehicles per day and for Dynamite to Dixileta are 28,600 vehicles per day.

The City's Public Works Division performed a noise study comparing rubberized and conventional asphalt and determined that there were no noticeable differences in noise abatement. Because rubberized asphalt costs significantly more than conventional asphalt and deteriorates approximately twice as fast, Scottsdale no longer uses it.

Yes, a raised landscaped median island will be constructed on Scottsdale Road, with openings at cross street intersections and property access points.

All of the at roadway grade wash crossings within this projects’ limits will be eliminated on Scottsdale Road. Scottsdale Road will have a pass-through drainage design for the regional flows at crossing locations. The peak storm flows will be collected in a swale on the east side of the roadway and directed to various culverts crossing beneath Scottsdale Road in their historic patterns.

The Scottsdale Road project will construct a new detached 8-foot concrete sidewalk on the west of the road and a new 10-foot concrete shared-use path on the east side of the road. Unpaved trails are also planned for the east and west sides of the roadway, which should be constructed shortly following the roadway improvements. The sidewalks, paths and trails are consistent with other corridors in this part of the city and consistent with the city's complete streets policy, which encourages multi-modal transportation.

A 5-foot bike lane is being constructed as part of the Scottsdale Road project that is consistent with city design and policy standards. The project will also install a detached 8-foot concrete sidewalk on the west of the road and a new 10-foot concrete shared-use path on the east side of the road.

The results of the preliminary noise analysis indicate that future noise levels as a result of the proposed improvements and increased traffic volumes will not meet the threshold for mitigation, therefore, sound barrier walls along Scottsdale Road are not warranted. Existing walls not in conflict with proposed improvements will be protected in place. Walls that do conflict with proposed improvements will be relocated, with the same height, aesthetics, finish and color, beyond the conflict.

Per the City of Scottsdale’s Transportation Policy, a roundabout design must be included in the alternatives analysis of any proposed intersection improvements or modifications and must be the primary option explored for feasibility. Traffic volumes, patterns and speed are considered when deciding the best configuration for an intersection. Roundabouts are often a good option to improve safety, reduce or remove serious or fatal traffic accidents, and increase traffic flow & capacity when there's a relatively moderate, balanced volume of traffic among all approaches to the intersection.

A recent history of fatal and serious injury accidents was a key consideration at this intersection. The city also considers criteria such as traffic capacity analyses, right-of-way acquisition, overall safety (vehicular, bicycle, pedestrian) and roundabout geometrics when evaluating whether to implement a roundabout. The roundabout at Dynamite Road was found to satisfy these considerations and was determined to be the preferred alternative.

Yes, the roundabouts are designed to accommodate larger vehicles and trucks, such as tractor trailers.

Construction on Scottsdale Road is tentatively slated to begin Fall 2023. This is contingent upon the completion of utility relocations and acquisition of the required additional rights of way needed to construct various improvements.

Construction is anticipated to take 24 months to complete, including utility relocations necessary to construct the project.

In general, a minimum of one lane of traffic in each direction will be open during constitution. No long-term road closures are anticipated, however short closures may be necessary to reconfigure traffic control and protect worker and public safety during project construction.

Project Information

Budget: $23.7 million

Sponsoring Division: Transportation

Funding Source: Maricopa Association of Governments Regional Sales Tax, City of Scottsdale 0.1% Transportation Tax and Grants

Project Location: Scottsdale Road from Jomax Road to Dixileta Dr.

Contact Information

Derek Rogers
Project Manager
P: 480-312-7637