Scottsdale Ranch Sewer Line Rehabilitation


Project Information

The city of Scottsdale will be rehabilitating a large sewer mainline pipe in Scottsdale Ranch beginning July 2021. This critical project will require the complete closure of the pedestrian trail along the southern boundary of Scottsdale Ranch adjacent to the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community between 96th and 104th streets. The project is expected to last approximately five to six months.

Project Background

As part of a citywide sewer condition assessment, this 5,300 linear foot segment of sewer pipe was identified to be at risk of failure. The project will address the deficient sewer capacity and current odor issues being caused by the corroded pipe and manholes.

The sewer pipe will be repaired through a cured-in-place pipe solution, which involves lining the pipe with a cured resin material that acts as a new pipeline. While the technique is considered a trenchless technology, excavation and heavy equipment will be needed for the construction process. The project will also require a sewer bypass be established to continue providing uninterrupted sewer service for the large customer base served by the subject line.

What to Expect

Trail Closure
The trail will be closed between 96th and 104th streets for the duration of the project. Trail users must exit the trail and use surface streets (not washes) in Scottsdale Ranch as a detour. Trespassing on the Indian Community land is a crime.
In addition to normal construction noise (which will generally occur during daylight hours) a generator will be required to operate the sewer bypass. Homes close to the construction area may hear the generator, which will run 24 hours a day.
Dust control
The contractor will provide continual dust control as required by Maricopa County Environmental Services.
Work hours
Construction times will generally be 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Hours could shift based on weather and project phase requirements.
Resin and sewage discharge odor may occur during the project. While inconvenient, this odor is not harmful.

Project Timeline

The project will begin July 2021 and last approximately five to six months.

Project Information

Sponsoring Division: Scottsdale Water

Funding Source: Sewer Rates

Project Location: Scottsdale Ranch public use trail between 96th and 104th streets