Reservoir 43 Replacement


Project Information

The city of Scottsdale has determined that the potable water reservoir (Reservoir 43) located near E. Greythorn Drive and N. 105th Place must be replaced due to its age and existing condition.

The new reservoir will be the same size as the existing reservoir (1 million gallons), but it will be moved approximately five feet to the southwest to allow better maintenance access to all sides of the tank. The south wall of the reservoir site will be extended approximately 15 feet to allow for safe site access.

The project will also include improvements to storm drainage and the reservoir overflow/drain water that exits the site.

The existing antennae that is currently on top of the reservoir will be moved to the northeast corner of the property. It will be encased in a mast and will not be attached to the reservoir itself. The overall height of the antennae and new tower will remain the same. 

South Wall Extension

SIte 43 new site plan 


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Project Timeline

Reservoir 43 is a critical component of Scottsdale’s water distribution system. The tank demolition and reconstruction must occur from fall to spring to ensure the reservoir is back online to help meet peak summer demand.

Grading and earth work, including rock drilling, will begin in October, with tank demolition and installation to begin in November/December. The project is scheduled for completion in late May 2021.

What To Expect During Construction

Reservoir replacement is a significant construction activity, but Scottsdale is committed to minimizing customer impacts.

Rock removal:
Preparing the site for the future reservoir will require significant earth work to remove large areas of rock. The contractor will be using an expansive grout as opposed to blasting. While less disruptive than blasting, the grout expansion and rock removal will result in significant noise and vibration. Residents should expect significant daytime noise during this phase of the project. 
Construction vehicles will use the road leading to the reservoir to access the site. They will also need to stage along Greythorn Drive during certain construction periods. Access to homes will be maintained throughout the project, although street parking may be impacted.
Water Service:
Water service interruptions may be necessary at specific periods during the process. Residents will be notified at least 48 hours in advance of any planned service disruptions.
Work Hours:
Construction times will be 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday with some night work as necessary to complete time-critical procedures. Residents will be notified at least seven days in advance of any necessary night work. Crews will not work over major holidays, including Thanksgiving, the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.
Dust Control:
The contractor will provide continual dust control as required by Maricopa County Environmental Services.

Project Information

Sponsoring Division: Water

Funding Source:  Water rates

Project Location: Near E. Greythorn Drive and N. 105th Place