Miller Road - Pinnacle Peak Road to Happy Valley Road


Project Status

Utility relocation began in January 2022.  Construction is expected to begin in the spring of 2023 and be complete in the spring of 2024.  

For up to date project status on construction activity, please visit the contractor's Miller Road Construction Website.

Project Summary

This project will connect Miller Road between Pinnacle Peak Road and Happy Valley Road, including a bridge over the Rawhide Wash. Completing this connection will create a new option for north/south travel beyond Scottsdale and Pima roads and provide a direct connection to the Hayden Road/Loop 101 interchange. The new segment of roadway will include two lanes of travel in each direction, bike lanes, and detached sidewalks with landscaped buffers on either side of the street.

Project History

City plans for connecting Miller Road between Pinnacle Peak and Happy Valley have been in place since at least 1991, when the roadway was included in the Circulation Element of the 1991 General Plan. The roadway was mapped to extend as far north as Dynamite Boulevard. The planned alignment moves northeasterly from the intersection of Miller Road/Happy Valley Road until it matches up with the Hayden Road (80th Street) alignment at Jomax Road.

The planned extension of Miller Road north of Pinnacle Peak Road was also included in the City Council-adopted 2008 Transportation Master Plan and the Council-adopted 2016 Transportation Master Plan. These long-time plans for Miller Road are the reason that the developer of the Pinnacle Reserve subdivision constructed a four-lane roadway from Parkview Lane to Happy Valley Road in 1997. These same plans are the reason that the new Paseo at Pinnacle Peak subdivision has recently widened Miller Road to four lanes between Pinnacle Peak Road and Adele Court.

In addition to the Council-approved planning documents discussed above, signage near the south and north banks of the Miller Road/Rawhide Wash intersection indicating the future connection of Miller Road between Pinnacle Peak and Happy Valley Roads has been in place for over 3 years. The City Council approved funding to initiate work on the connection of Miller Road across the Rawhide Wash. The funding package includes a 70 percent contribution from the Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) through their Arterial Life Cycle Program which focuses on regionally significant roadway corridors.

Community Outreach

The first virtual public meeting was held April 26-May 7 2020 and the following materials were provided:

Video Presentation

Roadway Overview

Roadway Cross-section at Parkview Lane

Roadway Cross-section at Mariposa Grande

Bridge Cross-section

This project has been approved in the Transportation Master Plan, the City’s General Plan and design work funded by the City Council. Community outreach is anticipated to take place during the spring and summer of 2021 and will focus on the aesthetics of the roadway and bridge design.

Tentative Project Schedule

Winter 2020 Design Work Begins
Feb & March 2021 Investigative Site Work
Spring & Summer 2021 Community Outreach & Public Hearing Process
Winter 2021 Utility Design Work Complete
Late Fall 2021 Utility Relocation Begins & Finalize Bridge Design
Spring 2024 Construction Complete

Frequently Asked Questions

The project is part of the Transportation Master Plan and will be funded by the Regional Sales Tax (Arterial Life Cycle Program) and Scottsdale’s Transportation 0.1% Sales Tax.

The decision to install the Miller Road Bridge at Rawhide Wash was part of the City’s approved Transportation Master Plan and has been included in City planning documents since 1991.

The project is currently in the design phase. As the project progresses, there will be opportunities for public involvement. The project will undergo a few design phases and will be evaluated by the Transportation Commission and Design Review Board prior to construction contracts being awarded by the City Council.

Because Miller Road is not connected cross Rawhide Wash, the City has not been counting traffic as it does on most collector and arterial roadways. The 2040 travel demand forecast from the Maricopa Association of Governments for this new one-mile segment ranges from 22,000 vehicles per day near Pinnacle Peak Road to 17,500 vehicles per day near Happy Valley Road.

The City will be conducting a full noise study within the project limits. Noise levels will be gathered to calibrate the model and existing and proposed traffic volumes are used to predict the noise levels that will occur after the project is constructed. Once the noise model is prepared, features such as noise walls are inserted into the model to determine how the noise levels can be improved and what the cost of mitigation may be. Typically, the height of any walls will vary until the noise levels are brought down within the acceptable levels as dictated by the City’s Roadway Noise Abatement Policy.

This project will include a landscape package to revegetate the areas around the bridge after construction. The project team will present potential landscaping options during the public process and welcomes input from the community. Although landscaping will be part of this project, the project team will be making every effort to salvage and revegetate the project area as much as feasible.

Any construction project may have impacts to wildlife. The project team will be designing the bridge to accommodate safe passage of wildlife and the design will foster a more natural travel way for wildlife.

Four travel lanes will be designed and constructed to match the existing four lanes previously constructed by the adjacent developments.

The project will include detached sidewalks on both sides of Miller Road.

It is anticipated that the speed limit will be set at 35 mph and will continue to be evaluated over time by the Traffic Engineering Section.

Public Involvement is a critical element on any project and something the City of Scottsdale is committed to. The City encourages the community to stay involved on the Miller Road project by visiting the project website, participating in public meetings, signing up for email alerts and communicating regularly with City and project staff.

Project Information

Budget: $14.2 million

Sponsoring Division: Transportation

Funding Source: Maricopa Association of Governments’ Arterial Life Cycle Program (70%) and Transportation 0.1% sales tax (30%)

Project Location: Miller Road Alignment from Adele Court (600’ north of Pinnacle Peak Road) and Parkview Lane (1,900’ south of Happy Valley Road).

Contact Information

Project Hotline
P: 480-898-4110
Derek Rogers, Project Manager
P: 480-312-7637