Indian Bend Wash - Repair Lakes and Irrigation


Project Update

Phase one of work to repair the lakes and irrigation in the Indian Bend Wash will begin March 20.  The first segment of construction will take place between Murry Lane and McDowell Road and will begin with the rehabilitation of Eldorado Park Pond, just south of Murray Lane.  Additional work will include conversion of some turf areas to xeriscape landscaping, improving concrete pathways, replacing irrigation, and rebuilding the pump station. 

The lake rehabilitation will occur in two phases during which the lake will be closed to all activity.  The first will begin March 20 and continue through early summer.  During the first phase the bottom of the lake will be dredged to remove sediment. To accomplish this geotubes bags will be set up adjacent to the lake.  Lake water will be pumped into the large plastic structures where the sediment settles and is trapped, then the sediment free water is returned to the lake.    

The lake will reopen during the summer storm season when Indian Bend Wash is needed to covey storm water.  The second phase of construction will close the lake again in the fall while a new lake wall and intake line to the pump station are built.

Turf conversion to xeriscape will also take place beginning in March and should take 4 – 6 weeks to complete.  Work on the irrigation system is expected to begin in May.  

Project Overview

This project will make much needed repairs to the lakes in the Indian Bend Wash between Thomas and McKellips roads. The Indian Bend Wash includes many park amenities such as playgrounds, trails, bicycle routes, fishing lakes, sports fields, disc golf course, skate park and an aquatic center. Many of these activities rely on irrigation water from the lakes, or the lakes themselves.

The lake system is showing signs of aging and failure due to the following:

  • Existing vegetation has rooted into the lake puncturing the existing clay liners causing larger than normal water loss from the system.
  • The lake edges are eroding causing incompatible conditions adjacent to the multi-use paths.
  • The irrigation systems are outdated, undersized and perform inadequately.
  • The existing connector channel system between park lakes is open and contains eroded banks, sedimentation, high plant growth and decaying pedestrian bridges.
  • The spillway structure located just north of McKellips Road is leaking increasing the water loss from the lake system.

Project Background

On March 3, 2020, the City Council approved the Indian Bend Wash Municipal Use Master Site Plan, which was developed after extensive public and community input. This project will implement elements of that Master Plan related to the lakes and irrigation.

On November 5, 2019, the City of Scottsdale’s voters approved several bond projects, including Question 2, Project 23: Repair Lakes and Irrigation at Vista del Camino Park in the Indian Bend Wash, which will provide funding for the irrigation improvements.

Project Information

Budget: $23.5 M

Sponsoring Division: Community Services

Funding Source: Bond 2019

Project Location: Indian Bend Wash between Thomas and McKellips roads

Contact Information

Annette Grove
Project Manager
P: 480-312-2399