Gainey Village Waterline Replacement Project


Project Information

Construction within the Gainey Village association will take place from May - October to replace a waterline in the neighborhood. This work is necessary in order to improve infrastructure and water delivery to the community.

Work in this area will be conducted in phases to minimize disruption to the neighborhood. This will include:

  • Mainline crews will trench and install main waterline in the roadway. Service crews will then trench and bore to install new residential service lines. These lines will extend from the main waterline to the existing water meters.
  • Waterline testing will take place after which the main waterline and service lines will be connected to the existing system and meters. When tying over the mainline or residential service line, residents will be notified in advance of any planned disruption to water service.
  • Restoration crews will then restore areas disturbed during the process by first completing any asphalt replacement, and then conduct any concrete or landscape restoration.
Figure 1: Gainey Village Casitas Water Main Replacement Map

What to Expect during Construction

Resident access will be maintained during this work with roads remaining open for travel; however, there may be a flagger or signage in place to assist travelers around the work zone. On-street parking may not be permitted near the work zone.

Project Timeline

Work is planned in phases. Each phase will work in sequential order, with some phases being worked simultaneously.

All dates below are estimated start dates:

  • Phase 1: May 15 - Vaquero Drive, west of 73rd Way
  • Phase 2: May 30 - Vaquero Drive, east of 73rd Way (May 29 is Memorial Day - no work)
  • Phase 3: June 12 - Del Acero Drive, west of 73rd Way
  • Phase 4: June 19 - Del Acero Drive, east of 73rd Way
  • Phase 5: June 26 - Woodsage Lane, west of 73rd Way
  • Phase 6: July 5 - Woodsage Lane, east of 73rd Way
  • Phase 7: July 17 - San Alfredo Drive, west of 73rd Way
  • Phase 8: July 24 - San Alfredo Drive, east of 73rd Way
  • Phase 9: Aug. 7 - 73rd Way, north of San Alfredo Drive
  • Phase 10: Aug. 28 - San Jacinto Drive, between 73rd Way and 74th Way (Sept. 4 is Labor Day - no work)
  • Phase 11: Sept. 11 - Sunnyvale Drive, east of 74th Way

Project Information

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