Bell Road Area Sports & Events Improvement Projects

Project Overview

For nearly 35 years the City of Scottsdale has been involved in actively developing, partnering, managing and planning events at WestWorld, the Tournament Players Club (TPC) and several recreation facilities including the Scottsdale Sports Complex along the Bell Road corridor. As facilities, events and recreation needs have evolved, the city and various community partners have looked to plan for accommodating the future needs of these facilities and simultaneously meeting our community’s recreation activities.

Recreation field use at Scottsdale’s many parks in this area continue to see great demand and requests far exceed the number of fields available today. To address the shortage, Scottsdale citizens approved a bond project in the November 2019 Bond Election to add approximately 13 new fields in locations north of Bell Road and east of the Thompson Peak Parkway and McDowell Mountain Ranch Road intersection.

Large scale events at WestWorld and the TPC have required parking lots that have been created with temporary lots requiring dust control, temporary lights and traffic control. Additionally, some of the lands used for the temporary parking have historically used State Trust lands that are now being sold and developed, necessitating new locations to be provided by 2022. Proposed plans will provide improvements to city-owned land and limited purchases of State Trust land and possibly some private land that will allow enhancements to access to these facilities and provide greater efficiency of parking on dust free and permanently lighted surfaces.

Bell Road Area Projects Interactive Map