Zoning Ordinance Interpretations

The Zoning Administrator is responsible for the administrative functions of enforcing and interpreting the provisions of the Zoning Ordinance, as well as various conditions and stipulations of zoning related entitlements.

The Zoning Administrator, with the staff of Current Planning, make decisions on a daily basis in the act of enforcing the Zoning Ordinance.  Official written interpretations are posted below.

Zoning Administrator, Randy Grant

Request an Interpretation

Any request for a Zoning Ordinance interpretation or decision must be made in writing to the Zoning Administrator. The Zoning Administrator responds in writing to such requests for ordinance interpretations or other decisions within 45 days from the date of the written request. Written interpretations or other decisions may be appealed, which may stay all proceedings in the matter appealed.

Appeal an Interpretation

The appeal of Zoning Ordinance interpretations or other decisions by the Zoning Administrator may be initiated by any aggrieved person affected by the interpretation or decision. Appeals must be filed no later than 30 days after the interpretation or decision is issued. Appeals are heard by the Board of Adjustment.

View previous appeals and results.


The listing provided below is for reference only.

The listing does not include all interpretations, and some listed may be obsolete due to code changes that occurred after the interpretation was made.


Accessory Uses
Adult Care Homes
Adult Novelty Store
Front Property Line
Gross Size Multi-family
Public Safety Communication Facilities
Teen Dance Center

Analogous Uses

Corporate Retreats


Accessory Bldgs. - Setbacks
Accessory Bldgs. - Corner Lots
Accessory Bldgs. - Side Yards
Administrative Approval of Amended Development Standards - Lot Width
Ancillary Uses in PCD
Corner Lot Walls
Commercial Ranch and Stable Parking
Enclosure Height in ESL
ESL Building Height - SFR
ESLO Lot Tie Lot Split Special Exception 
Manicuring NAOS 
Non-indigenous plants Hillside District - Reissued
Non-indigenous plants ESL and FO - Reissued
Non-indigenous plants location in ESLO
Patio Covers R-3 R-4 R-5
Patio Covers R-4
Permanent Living Purposes
PRC Gross Land Area
Pruning Veg In NAOS
R1-7 Non-Buildable Easement
R-5 Coffee service ancillary to Plant Nursery
Lot Sizes in Multi-family district (R5
Sidewalk Sales
Signs in SR Districts - Total Sign Area
Sign in the ROW and Public Property
Sports Courts w/Lighting - Setbacks
Teen Dance Center Locations
Temp Construction Trailers
Temp Sales / Model Homes - Allowed Use
WCF Height Concealment


District Boundary Lines - Setbacks
P-3 Parking Credits
Permitted Intensity Dev ESL lands
Project Base Density ESLO Dist
Required NAOS
Taxiway Easements - Net Lot Area

Revoked Interpretations

Accessible Parking Design
Aircraft Storage Scottsdale Airpark
Artists Studio
Auto Rental Ancillary Car Dealerships
Building Volume Calculations

Childrens Gyms / Exercise Programs
Coffee Roasting
Day Care Center
Encroach Bldgs. Inclined Stepback Plane
ESL Exterior Lighting
ESL Exterior Lighting - SFR
Guest Houses
Hand Wash Specialty Car Wash
Health & Fitness Studios
Incorrect cross-reference Auto Repair C-3
Lighting - Outdoor Holiday vs Decorative Lights
Massage Parlor
Medical Marijuana
Outdoor Vehicle Display
P3 Parking Requirements
Paint Booth
Parking Requirement for Shopping Center
Pool Hall-Billiard Parlor and Requirement for Use Permit
R-5 Private, Outdoor Living Spaces
Recovery Care Center
Shielding of Lights
Side Yard Setbacks - "Aggregate"
Taxiway Easements - Req Open Space
Temp Sales Trailer - Density


Sonoran Highlands Ph II Amend Standards

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