Front Yard Parking

Zoning Ordinance

On August 1, 2003, the City of Scottsdale’s Code Enforcement Unit began enforcing the Front Yard Parking Section of the Zoning Ordinance (Sec. 7.200, Subsection I.). This restricts how all types of vehicles may be parked on residential property.

Boats & trailers parked in residential areas must be parked on an improved surface that is delineated from the landscaped areas and parking of all vehicles cannot exceed more than 35% of the total front yard area.

The following are the requirements adopted by the Scottsdale City Council:

  • The total aggregate parking and/or driveway shall be lesser of 35% of the front yard area or 30 linear feet of the lot frontage
  • No vehicle shall be occupied for permanent living purposes while stored at a residence
  • Any vehicle parked in a front yard must be parked:
    -  at least one foot from any existing sidewalk
    -  at least three feet from a non-sidewalk curb; and
    -  at least one foot from any side lot line
  • General standards for designated parking areas:
    -  All areas designated as parking or driveway shall be either a dust free surface
       consisting of concrete, asphalt, cement, brick, or sealed aggregate pavement;
       or three (3) inches of crushed rock.
    -  All areas designated as parking or driveway shall be completely contained
       within a permanent border.
    -  Dust free surface does not include areas of grass, lawn, compacted or hard
       packed dirt.

There are no “grandfathered” rights associated with these new restrictions.

For more information, contact the Code Enforcement Hotline at 480-312-2546 or via email at [email protected]