Accessibility Resources

Requesting Accommodations

Making city services and facilities accessible to all citizens is a priority to Scottsdale. Use the following information to request accommodations or modifications for your disability.

City of Scottsdale Programs & Events

Whether you are considering attending a Parks and Recreation class, libraries speaker, Green Building workshop, Council meeting, or development open house, or any of the many City of Scottsdale sponsored programs or activities, disability-related accommodations can be requested to assist you to be a participant, or to more fully enjoy that participation. 

Requests should be made to the contact person for that particular activity or program or by contacting us via email at

Need for alternate format materials

We can provide any printed city publication in an alternate format upon request. These formats include large print, audio cassette, electronic text via disc or email, or Braille. Alternate format materials require time to convert, so request must be made in advance if they are to be available at the time of the program or activity.

Need for an interpreter for the deaf and hard of hearing

Requests for interpreters, such as an ASL sign language interpreter, signed English interpreted, or oral interpreter, should be made as early as possible to allow time to arrange accommodation. Every effort will be made to obtain interpreters with less than a two week notice, however they cannot be guaranteed with this shortened time period.

City Pedestrian Ways

The City of Scottsdale has a constantly rotating maintenance schedule for its sidewalk and intersection maintenance, and they are constantly being improved with new development.  However, if you have difficulty traversing a specific area of the City due to the need for sidewalk access, or audible pedestrian signals, please request those improvements by clinking on the links below and filling out the online form, or by calling Streets and Alleys, Streetlight and Traffic Signal Maintenance, at 480-312-5620.

City Facilities

The City of Scottsdale is striving to improve and maintain its aging facilities in accordance with ever-changing city, state and national building codes. While the majority of our sites are accessible, you can call to confirm that a location is barrier-free, to determine the nearest accessible parking location or drop-off area, or for the closest public transit stop.

Until we can get every facility barrier-free you may report any specific difficulty with access to city owned or maintained facility, by contacting us at 480-312-2500

Community Facilities and Events

The City of Scottsdale has no jurisdiction over privately owned community facilities, and events not sponsored by the City.  Therefore requests for accommodation to these cannot be made through the City of Scottsdale Office of ADA.

Work directly with the business, event sponsor or housing provider to let them know of your needs.  Most often, they will be responsive once they understand what is being requested and why.  Here are a few resources for you to refer to when requesting accommodations from the community providers.

Resources for businesses:

Resources for events: 

Resources for housing: 

Developer Resources

The city has adopted and uses the standards from the following documents for accessible design and building:

For more specific information on how these standards apply to Scottsdale development, consult the following:

Contact Information

City of Scottsdale - ADA Team
Plan Review Office
Contact:  Tom Barrs
7447 E. Indian School Road, Suite 125
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
P: 480-312-2500
F: 480-312-7781

Human Resources
Contact:  Darlene Ganger
9191 E. San Salvador
Scottsdale, AZ  85282
P:  480-312-2429
F:  480-312-7960

Community Services
Contact:  Deanna Zuppan
8102 E. Jackrabbit Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85250
P:  480-312-2204
F:  480-312-4337

City Manager’s office
Contact:  Sharon Cini
7506 E Indian School Rd.
Scottsdale, AZ  85251
P:  480-312-2727
F:  480-312-9055  

For private facilities (including residential property) and private parking lots, the Arizona Attorney General Office monitors enforcement and provides mediation and dispute resolution services. Contact the AZ Attorney General office at 602-542-5263 or 602-542-5002 (TDD).

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