John Knudsen

06/14/1960 to 04/03/1962
Elected to one, two-year term.


Airport Advisory Commission

On June 13, 2011, the City received an email from former Councilman Knudsen reflectng on his term in office and reporting on his latest adventures:

"I am a former Scottsdale City Councilman (6/14/60-4/8/62). I was very surprised and pleased to see the "Full History of the Scottsdale City Council members on the Scottsdale Web Site. This brought back a lot of good memories (and a few  bad ones) about my time on the council. I would like to thank all of you for doing this.

In the early 60's we held our Council Meetings in the old schoolhouse, which is now the Historical Museum. Mort Kimsey was the Mayor and most of the Council Members were fairly young. I was 27 when elected. The Police Departments was in the basement.  As I remember, we had 4 officers and two automobiles. There were about 12,000 people in the Town.

We had a lot of annexation problems with the City of Phoenix.  They wanted to limit the size of Scottsdale and they were strongly backed by the Arizona Republlic.  I remember Phoenix Mayor Sam Mardian telling me that Scottsdale should not annex north of Indian Bend Road.

My short history is as follows: I am a Mechanical and Electrical Engineer. I was moved from Chicago to Scottsdale by Motorola in July of 1957.  In 1959, I decided to run for the Council and to my surprise, was elected.  I did not run for reelection. I spent 40 years working for Motorola and retired in 1997.  I have lived in  Scottsdale ever since, however, I do spend some summers in Prescott. I now live in Santa Fe 1 in Mc Cormick Ranch.

After retirement, I was appointed to the Scottsdale Aviation Commission.  I spent 6 years on the Commission with one year as Chairman.  I am still involved a little in civic activities.  I am on the Board of the Santa Fe 1 HOA and on the Board of the Highland Pines POA in Prescott.

Looking back, I believe Scottsdale has developed very nicely. We have done a lot of very good things over the years. I am proud of Scottsdale."