Bud Tims

04/07/1964 to 01/06/1966

01/06/1966 to 07/11/1974

Elected to one, two-year Council term.  On Jan. 6, 1966, Dr. Tims was elected Mayor by the Council to replace Mayor C.W. Clayton, who died in office Dec. 21, 1965.  At the Jan. 6, 1966 Council meeting, Dr. Tims stated that he was withdrawing his name from the ballot as a Council candidate, and, instead, would offer himself as a write-in candidate for Mayor for the February 15, 1966 Primary Election.  Elected to one, two-year term, and two, four-year terms as Mayor, but resigned at the July 11, 1974 Council meeting before completing his second four-year term as Mayor.  At the same meeting, the Council appointed C. Ken Murray as a Councilmember to fill Bud Tims’ unexpired term.  Councilman William Jenkins was appointed Mayor on July 18, 1974.


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