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06/25/1951 - Maricopa County Board of Supervisors declared the Town of Scottsdale to be incorporated
07/02/1951 - Maricopa County Board of Supervisors appointed Scottsdale's first Council: Malcolm White, Mort Kimsey, Bill Miller, E.G. Scott, and Jack Sweeney
07/03/1951 - The first Council meeting of the Town of Scottsdale was held in the home of Jack Sweeney at 301 W. First Street, Scottsdale.
The five-member Council was sworn into office, Councilmember White was appointed Mayor, and Councilmember Sweeney was appointed Clerk of the Council.  The building of business buildings was discussed. Holding to the present type of western type building to maintain the present western atmosphere was decided upon.
07/20/1951 - Councilmember Miller resigned from office because he was moving out of town; Councilmember Cavalliere appointed



03/06/1952 - Councilmembers Frederick and Shoeman were appointed by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors to increase the total number of Councilmembers to seven; both were subsequently elected to two-year terms at the 1952 General Election. 
03/11/1952 - Councilmembers Frederick and Shoeman were sworn into office
04/22/1952 - Primary Election (canvassed 04/28/52)
**05/26/1952 - General Election (canvassed 06/02/52); seven Councilmembers elected to two-year terms
06/10/1952 - Mayor and six Councilmembers sworn into office



07/14/1953 - Councilmember Sweeney resigned
07/28/1953 - Councilmember Peterson appointed
10/08/1953 - Councilmember Peterson resigned; Councilmember Brown appointed



03/05/1954 - Councilmember Brown resigned; Councilmember Willmoth appointed
04/20/1954 - Primary Election (canvassed 04/26/54)
**05/24/1954 - General Election (canvassed 06/01/54); seven Councilmembers elected to two-year terms
06/01/1954 - Councilmembers sworn into office; Councilmember White appointed Mayor
07/27/1954 - Councilmember Frederick was murdered in his home 
12/16/1954 - Councilmember Wasbotten appointed



03/22/1955 - APS Franchise Election (canvassed 03/29/55)
Franchise granted by a vote of 71 to 1



04/17/1956 - Primary Election (canvassed 04/23/56)
04/23/1956 - Special Bond Election held for the purpose of submitting to the real electors of the Town of Scottsdale, Maricopa County, Arizona the question of authorizing the Town of Scottsdale to issue and sell Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax Anticipation Bonds, Series of 1956. Results were never canvassed; however, minutes of June 12, 1956 indicate authorization was given.
**05/28/1956 - General Election (canvassed 06/04/56); seven Councilmembers elected to two-year terms; no swearing in ceremony on record
06/06/1956 - Councilmember White appointed Mayor



05/21/1957 - Special Bond Election for sewer improvements held for the purpose of the ussuance and sale of $397,000 principal amount of Town of Scottsdale, Sanitary Sewer Improvement Bonds -- Series of 1957" and $221,000 principal amount of Town of Scottsdale, Sanitary Sewer Revenue Bonds--Series 1957; approved by voters 103 to 15. (canvassed 06/03/57)



02/27/1958 - Councilmember Willmoth resigned; Councilmember Brown appointed.

Mayor White reported he had investigated the cost of installing automatic stop-and-go traffic lights.  Estimate: approximately $800.00.

Mayor White reported after checking Scottsdale Road for parking, he felt that only parallel parking should be allowed in front of First National Bank, Lutes Scottsdale Pharmacy, Walker's Barber Shop Building and no parking in front of Brown Derby and Scottsdale Feed And Seed Store.

04/22/1958 - Primary Election (canvassed 04/28/58)
**05/26/1958 - General Election (canvassed 06/02/58); seven Councilmembers elected to two-year terms
06/12/1958 - Mayor and Council sworn into office; Councilmember Kimsey appointed Mayor
11/25/1958 - Councilmember Guy resigned due to employer relocation; Councilmember Matthews appointed
12/16/1958 - Special Election called for 01/20/59 to assume city organization (Resolution No. 85)



01/20/1959 - Voters approved ballot question to allow the Town to assume City organization, and all rights, powers, and authorities of a city under the name of the Town of Scottsdale
07/07/1959 - Councilmember Cavalliere resigned; Councilmember Marron appointed
09/01/1959 - Councilmember Stroup resigned; Councilmember Pickrell appointed
09/23/1959 - City's first Special Charter and Freeholder Election (canvassed 09/29/59)
12/15/1959 - Councilmember Matthews resigned;
12/22/1959 - Board of Freeholders, acting as a Charter Commission, submitted the City's first Charter

Board of Freeholders:

  • Charles W. Clayton, Chairman
  • William Manghelli, Secretary
  • James H. Boyd
  • Harold E. Hassom
  • Virgil L. Hill
  • Harold R. Kennedy
  • John M. Maas
  • Charles N. Ronan
  • Austin G. Smith
  • Chester A. Smith
  • George Song
  • Byron Walker
  • Daniel Weisberger
  • Malcolm S. White

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