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Setback / Development Standards

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Building Setbacks

Every parcel has Zoning Ordinance requirements and restrictions, including distances that buildings/ structures must be “set back” from the property line.  Setback requirements for your home will vary depending upon the zoning district (i.e. R1-190, R1-7, etc). A few things to keep in mind:

  • Front, side and rear yard setbacks are usually different.
  • Corner lots and “Flag Lots” will have special setback requirements.
  • Setbacks may be modified through Amended Development Standards.
  • Setbacks are usually different for main buildings and accessory buildings.

There are several Zoning Interpretations that help clarify confusing language and ensure consistent application of code requirements.

request Setbacks:

  • by completing the request form below
  • by faxing your request to 
  • by calling the Planning Information Hotline, 
  • at the One Stop Shop, 7447 E Indian School Road, Suite 105 (or call 480-312-2500)

Development standards typically affect building location, height, distance between buildings, etc.  When you complete a setback request, related development standards will be included in the response.


"Setbacks" are how far back from your property line you can build.

setbacks illustration (gif 7 kb)

For corner lot setbacks, the rear yard is the yard
opposite the shortest street frontage.  

Foothills Overlay PropertIES Not in a Subdivision

Properties located in the Foothills Overlay area have a completely different set of development standards, especially for accessory buildings.  Select the guide with the zoning for your lot.

Undeveloped Lot with an ESL Overlay?

An instructional diagram (pdf/49kb/1p) demonstrates how to determine the buildable lot area for properties with the ESL overlay area.  


Setback Request Form

Complete as much information as possible; contact information is required.   Setback requests are completed on a "first come -- first served" basis, and typically take 1 - 3 business days to process, but may take up to 5 days.

Please Note:  The setback form on this page is for residential property.  For commercial development standards, including F.A.R., landscaping and parking, refer to the zoning ordinance.  You may also call 480-312-2703 or visit the Planning Services desk at the One Stop Shop (M-F, 8-5, except 9-5 Wed).

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Parcel Information
If located within the Foothills Overlay area, please include:

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