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Report suspected fraud, waste or abuse by calling the Integrity Line at 480-312-8348, sending an email to or using the form below. Fraud, waste or abuse include, but are not limited to these examples:
  • Theft or misuse of City resources (money, time, property, etc.)
  • Personal use of City-owned equipment, vehicles, or other assets
  • Corruption (e.g., conflict of interest, offering or accepting bribes)
  • Misuse of City information
  • Falsification of City records
  • Violations of City procurement policy or contract fraud
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What's New

Warehouse Operations, Audit No. 2010

Warehouse can improve recordkeeping and inventory controls for its Stores operation. Also, surplus property policies and procedures are not consistently followed and can be improved. Further, surplus property transfers between City departments should be prioritized and efficiently promoted.
Landfill Recycling Cost Review, Audit No. 1917

City management requested this audit to validate financial information related to the City’s current recycling contract as the recycling subcontractor wants to renegotiate the contract terms. The audit found the recycling facility financial analysis and accounting data included some unsupported and questionable costs. Further, the subcontractor contributed a higher percentage of rejected recyclables, which increases its processing costs.
Revenue Recovery, Audit No. 1911

Revenue Recovery can improve efforts to identify and collect delinquent accounts. For example, an accounts receivable aging analysis is not used, and documented collection efforts were inconsistent and often untimely. As well, program management and oversight could be improved, including effective collection and activity data tracking.
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