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Report suspected fraud, waste or abuse by calling the Integrity Line at 480-312-8348, sending an email to, or by using the form below. Fraud, waste or abuse include, but are not limited to these examples:

  • Theft or misuse of City resources (money, time, property, etc.)
  • Personal use of City-owned equipment, vehicles, or other assets
  • Corruption (e.g., conflict of interest, offering or accepting bribes)
  • Misuse of City information
  • Falsification of City records
  • Violations of City procurement policy or contract fraud
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What's New

E-Verify Compliance During FY 2019-20, Audit No. 2102

Based on their submitted records, the selected city contractors and their selected subcontractors generally used the federal E-Verify program to confirm the employment eligibility of their employees working on city contracts. State law requires the City to randomly verify that its service contractors and their subcontractors use the program.
Code Enforcement Operations, Audit No. 2108

Code Enforcement’s performance measures are not appropriately designed to measure program effectiveness, and activity levels are not managed effectively. As well, the program has a high management and administrative staff to field staff ratio, and it has not been working effectively to collect unpaid amounts due, manage system access and calculate performance measures.
City Court Minimum Accounting Standards, Report No. 2104

This report details the agreed-upon procedures required by the Arizona Supreme Court Administrative Office of the Courts and the results of each procedure. The City Auditor, a certified public accountant independent of the City Court, conducted this 3-year review covering calendar years 2018 through 2020.
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