Airport Terminal Project

Scottsdale Airport is working on a yearlong project to redevelop the former terminal building and adjacent office building. The project will transform this prime area with a new Aviation Business Center and two executive-size hangars that better utilizes this airport property.

Demolition of the existing terminal and adjacent office buildings and site started on Aug. 1, 2017.  The executive hangars are anticipated to be completed this spring. And the Aviation Business Center is expected to be done by late summer.

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This project will be concentrated primarily in a square area that stretches in front of the former Scottsdale Airport terminal building and parking lots. Scottsdale is committed to minimizing customer impacts and supporting local business operations and will keep access open to local businesses available throughout the project for businesses, like Ross Aviation, American Flyers, Greenway Hangars, Best Western Airpark and Air Commerce Center.

What to expect during construction

Business access: Crews will prioritize maintaining access to businesses, but it will be necessary to temporarily divert traffic to alternative entrances/exits as construction crews haul debris in and out of construction crew and begin construction. Trucks, buses and fuel trucks may experience a bit of delay while onsite traffic controllers work to move barricades to give them more room to maneuver through area.

Work hours: Regular construction times will be 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Lane closures will remain in place during nonworking hours.

Project Update

A special milestone in this construction project was reached! The last steel beam of the Scottsdale Airport Aviation Business Center was placed on Jan. 22. 

last steel beam

last steelIn keeping with a construction industry tradition, knows as "topping out" or "last steel," the project team, tenants and staff signed the last steel beam before it was placed.

Work continues on both the hangars and Aviation Business Center. There are mock-ups being done to ensure the designed look is achieved. Also electrical, plumbing and concrete work also keep making progress. 

In December, at around 100,000 pounds each, the "tilt walls" for the executive hangars were put into position! And seemingly out of nowhere, the two hangars took shape.  The installation of the steel trusses continue to be installed on both hangars. Progress continues on the Aviation Business Center with concrete, plumbing and electrical work being done. 

steel trusses

 (Photo taken mid-Dec. of executive hangars)

Progress is being made, watch time lapse video of the start of the Aviation Business Center construction.

Watch this short video and see the tilt walls go up! 

A couple of weeks ago, the demolition of the buildings was completed. A time lapse camera captured the progress.  Watch videolinks to external site.

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  • June 30 - Airport Administration relocated to Airport Operations Center; U.S. Customs and Border Protection Office moved; new parking area for aircraft. .
  • July 5 - Airport Terminal Building and adjacent parking lots closed. 
  • Summer 2017 – Demolition of current buildings.
  • Spring 2018 – Completion of the new Executive Hangars.
  • Summer 2018 - Completion of Aviation Business Center.

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