2020 Proposed Rates and Fees

As part of a citywide review, Scottsdale Aviation staff has conducted a market analysis of its rates and fees, and discovered that some categories are below market average.

As an enterprise fund and per the FAA Policy and Procedures Concerning the Use of Airport Revenue all revenues collected at the airport must be used for operating or capital costs of the airport (no revenue diversion allowed).

Revenue is used to cover airport’s service costs, debt service and provide adequate funding for future capital needs such as the maintenance of runway, taxiways, parking aprons, etc. This makes it important to charge fair marketvalue. This is the first proposed rate adjustment in several years.

In order to sustain a quality, safe and secure airport, a few rate and fee increases as well as some naming conventions changes are being proposed.

Proposed Rate Increases:


Date Event
Thursday, Nov. 21 Airport Public Open House
Wednesday, Nov. 27 Public Comments Deadline
Wednesday, Jan. 15 Airport Advisory Commission (action item)
First week of February Final rate and fee proposals are due to city budget office
First week of March Proposed rates and fees are presented to City Council
Two months prior to adoption Proposals posted to City of Scottsdale website
15 days prior to adoption Notice of intent posted on city website and on social media
Last regular City Council meeting in May Adoption of Rates and Fees
 July 1, 2020 Rates and Fees go into effect

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