Love Scottsdale

There’s a lot to love about Scottsdale. These employees share their thoughts.  

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Suzanne Grendahl

“The thing I love about Scottsdale – the beautiful outdoors for exercise.”

Suzanne Grendahl Water Quality Director

I have worked for the city for almost 20 years at the Water Campus. It is a gorgeous work location, but it is also situated so close to the preserve that I can take advantage of morning exercise there and nearby. You will often find me doing a trail run on the Gateway Loop Trail or riding my bike on the many roads with great bike lanes. Sometimes I am alone and sometimes I am with co-workers, but I often enjoy a beautiful sunrise before I start work. One time I was treated to the remnants of a meteor trail. You can never go wrong exercising in a beautiful place like Scottsdale.

Joyce Abbott

“I love Scottsdale for how responsive the services are to our citizens!“

Joyce Abbott Lead Librarian

We take their feedback and experiences seriously. We know we have a huge impact on the quality of life for people and we keep that in mind with all we do in our professional lives!

Mike Phillips

"Scottsdale has always had gigantic genius loci."

Mike Phillips Public Affairs Manager

The ancient Romans had a phrase for the spirt of a place -- genius loci. They believed some places were more positive and powerful than others. And that vibe set them apart. To me, Scottsdale has always had gigantic genius loci.

It’s more than the prickly beauty of the desert and the colors of our sunsets. It’s about the people who settled here and jilted the status quo. The folks who built the greenbelt and banned billboards, found a new way to collect garbage and envision canals. The folks who dreamed big and were bold and savvy enough to make it happen. That’s some serious genius loci. And why I love Scottsdale.

Luis Santaella

"The thing I love about Scottsdale … my fellow employees!"

Luis Santaella Senior Assistant City Attorney/Police Legal Advisor

In my position, I have gotten to work with employees from virtually every part of the city and I have found them to be the most professional, kind and decent people I have ever worked with! Our city employees are truly awesome and I am proud to be part of such a great group of people!

Pete Peralta

"What I love about Scottsdale is that Scottsdale loves cyclists!"

Pete Peralta Senior Traffic Engineering Technician

As a kid from the Arcadia area, one of my favorite things to do was ride my bike along the canal banks in Scottsdale. Now I get to be part of the team that helps construct the bicycle amenities that make Scottsdale a gold level bicycle-friendly community. The feeling of accomplishment is second to none when I get to ride my bicycle on a newly-constructed segment of bike lane or path.

Chad Beougher

"What I love about Scottsdale is its compassion."

Chad Beougher Housing Rehabilitation Specialist

The city provides numerous programs for its most vulnerable residents. I’m able to work every day to help residents rebuild their homes and renew their lives.

Jessica Rapp

"I love Scottsdale because of the people that live here."

Jessica Rapp Recreation Coordinator and Scottsdale Resident

We have such a great community -- especially in our organization. Old Town/South Scottsdale has a small-town community feel, and I love that. I love the Parada del Sol and the Greenbelt too! I’m proud to tell people I was born and raised in Scottsdale.

Nick Molinari

"What I love about Scottsdale? It’s a great place to raise a family."

Nick Molinari Parks & Recreation Operations Supervisor and Scottsdale resident

I was raised in Scottsdale and had the best childhood here. And now I have the opportunity to raise my kids in Scottsdale.

Sharon Cini

"What I love about Scottsdale? It’s a great place to raise a family."

Sharon Cini Diversity Manager and Scottsdale resident

I moved here in 2010 and the thing that I love about Scottsdale is my neighborhood and the connection that I have with my neighbors, many of whom have been here a long time. It’s really cool to be able to talk with them and understand what Scottsdale was like, even before Scottsdale expanded way to the north. For me, it truly is a connection to a place that I don’t have a lot of roots in – a connection through simple acts of kindness, talking to one another and learning.

Terry Erickson

"The thing I love about Scottsdale … the opportunity to make a difference."

Terry Erickson Parks & Recreation Manager and Scottsdale resident

While it might sound cliché, it is the truth! As a Coronado High School student, I watched Eldorado Park staff interacting with youth – and the public, in general. I witnessed the positive impact they made in peoples’ lives. That’s what I wanted! I started working for the city in 1976. And here it is, more than 40 years later! As long as I’m having fun and making a difference, I have no intentions of retiring. Who knows, I may end up being the longest tenured employee ever.

Yvonne Massman

"The thing I love about Scottsdale is that I not only get to work for the best city ever -- I live in it too!"

Yvonne Massman Natural Resources Coordinator and Scottsdale resident

Bruce Wall

“I love Scottsdale because it’s a fantastic community.”

Bruce Wall Citizen Advisor

Scottsdale also has a history of amazing people contributing to our community -- from Winfield Scott and E.O. Brown, to Herb Drinkwater! There’s so much to see and learn about this great city!

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