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Pledge - Partners in Water Conservation

Learning new and easy ways to use water efficiently is fun and exciting for members of an active water-conscious community! We know each person can make a difference, so we'd like to work together with you, our valued water customer, to use water efficiently. 


I am a partner in water conservation and I pledge to use water wisely. I will make water conservation a daily habit by doing one or more of the things listed below to save ten gallons per day. 

Action -
change an old habit
Water saving habit - begin a new one Estimated water savings More Savings Find out more
Brush teeth Turn off water while brushing teeth 1 gallon per minute Free aerator Water - Use It Wisely
Shower Reduce shower time 2.5 gallons per minute Rebate WaterSense
Clothes washer Run full loads 40 gallons per load Other outdoor tips Energy Star
Outdoor hosing Use a broom 5 - 8 gallons per minute Other indoor tips Water - Use It Wisely
Landscape irrigation timer Change seasonally 10 - 15% annually Rebate Watering by the Numbers
Landscape Xeriscape 50% annually Rebate Xeriscape Garden


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I wish to be contacted about timely water conservation information:

Thank you for taking the pledge!

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