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City seeks consistent General Plan for WestWorld





The proposed amendment of the city's General Plan Use Element is designed to:

  • Extend the Regional Use Overlay on lands primarily owned or managed by the City of Scottsdale within the Westworld facility boundary
  • The Westworld facility is comprised of approximately 460 acres of land owned or managed by the City of Scottsdale
    • 180 acres are currently designated as Regional Use Overlay;
    • +240 acres (also within the Westworld facility boundary) are currently designated Cultural/Intuitional or Public Use
    • 460 acres would all be designated as Regional Use Overlay as a result of the amendment -- which will bring consistency and predictability to all the property within the existing Westworld facility.



To ensure the long-term viability of Westworld properties and to implement the recommendations/actions identified in the Westworld masterplan



The General Plan amendment process provides a mechanism to view the Westworld facility cohesively (as a region)


Next Steps:

  1. Request to adopt a Municipal Use Master Site Plan for all city-owned parcels, which are approximately 190 acres ( 12-UP-2007 ). The Municipal Use Master Site conceptually locates specific uses for the northern 80 acres (north of Bell Road) based on continuity with adjacent parcels. The southern portion of the Municipal Use Master Site Plan is based on the uses/priorities established through the 2006 update of the Westworld Master Plan which includes:
  • Additional barns (7) to facilitate multiple horse shows on the same weekend;
  • Additional 2,400 square foot permanent concession stand adjacent to the Equidome area
  • Additional 200,000 square foot multi-purpose building to accommodate signature events, provide exhibit space for current and future horse shows, and attract consumer shows.
  • New Arena restroom and arena area upgrades including bleachers and a new concession stand; and
  • New show office and restrooms at the Equidome; new show office at Wendell and Arena 5.

  • The Municipal Use Master Site Plan will retain the current major drainage channels and required areas for Natural Area Open Space. Specific placement and design of the multi-use building, the support buildings, parking areas and any associated lighting will be determined via the Development Review process.
  1. Rezone six acres in the heart of the Westworld property (currently R1-35) as Western Theme Park; which is compatible and consistent with the current General Plan land use designation for this area, which is identified as Cultural/Institutional. The Western Theme Park rezoning request is intended to bring consistency to plans for lands leased or owned by the city on the Westworld site or being considered for Westworld-related uses ( 11-ZN-2007 ).
  1. Request adoption of a zoning ordinance text amendment to apply the Western Theme park zoning designation to all Westworld property ( 2-TA-2007 ). The Western Theme park zoning designation was included in Scottsdale’s Zoning ordinance to accommodate Rawhide, which was a major western theme park located just south of Pinnacle Peak Road on the east side of Scottsdale Road. The Western Theme park district encompasses a broad variety of thematic recreational, entertainment and ancillary general commercial uses. In the past year, Rawhide has relocated to a site outside of Scottsdale and its former location has been rezoned to accommodate a new mixed-use project. With the relocation of Rawhide, Westworld and its associated activities is the only remaining area where it is desirable to have a broad variety of uses and where the city is encouraging development in keeping with the amenities and neighborhoods of this area including open space areas that provide buffering to adjacent residential area and frontage that promotes a desirable image of the community. By refining the Western Theme district text to address all Westworld uses, the city will create a consistent and comprehensive linkage between the General Plan and the underlying district.