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Scottsdale Launches 2017 Water Efficiency Workshop Series
Sign up now for one of Scottsdale’s Water Efficiency Workshops and learn ways to enhance the beauty of your landscape while saving water and money!
All lanes open, water main fixed on Shea
All traffic lanes are open on Shea Boulevard, but some work continues to repair curb areas. Drive with caution and have a safe New Year.
Scottsdale Water: Safe, affordable drinking water
Scottsdale Water safe for all EPA-regulated contaminants, including Chromium 6
Registration open for fall landscape workshops and garden tour
Learn how to use water wisely while enhancing the beauty of your home and saving money by attending Scottsdale’s water efficiency workshops. Classes and the Scottsdale Xeriscape Garden tour are free, open to all Scottsdale residents and appropriate for all skill levels.
Scottsdale Water earns international accolades for exceptional performance
A global partnership of water sector organizations has named Scottsdale Water as a recipient of the inaugural Utility of the Future Today Recognition Program.
New rebates for Scottsdale Water customers
Scottsdale Water has revamped its rebate program making it easier for you to save water and money inside and outside your home or business.
From snow melt to your tap, learn about Scottsdale Water
Residents can get an inside look at one of the nation's most advanced water utilities.
July is Smart Irrigation Month
You could save water and money with a free irrigation audit.
July watering tip – Make adjustments for monsoon humidity and rains
Remember to skip a watering cycle if storms produce a half inch or more of rain.
City’s annual Water Quality Report is available online
Scottsdale Water annually publishes the Water Quality Report – a comprehensive compilation of valuable information regarding your drinking water.
June watering tips
June is typically the Valley’s driest month, which means your landscape’s watering needs will increase.
Scottsdale Water recognized for safety record, individual achievement
Scottsdale Water was awarded with four Awards of Honor by the 2016 AZ Water Association for operating over one year without losing a single workday due to injury.
April is Water Awareness Month
Celebrate Water Awareness Month in April by learning how to save water both indoors and out.
Registration open for free landscape workshops
Learn ways to enhance the beauty of your home while saving water and money

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