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Meter Ordinance

Reading Your Water Meter

Please help us by providing unobstructed access to your water meter.

Sometimes the City of Scottsdale's meter readers have difficulty locating and reading the water meter. You can help them provide you with a more efficient and accurate meter reading process by complying with the existing City Ordinance.


Section 49-31. Obstructing access to system.

(a) No person shall place upon or about any valve, valve box, curb cock, water meter box or water gate connection with the domestic water system of the city any object, material, debris or structure of any kind that shall prevent free access to the same at all times or in any manner tamper with or injure such appurtenances. Branches of shrubs and trees must be trimmed to allow free access for reading and maintenance of the water meter. No person shall fill up or cover any valve or meter box.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 480-312-7022. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.