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High Intensity Activated Crosswalk


The City of Scottsdale Transportation Department has installed an innovative pedestrian traffic control devices at a few intersections to help make crossing safer and easier. The device called a HAWK or High-intensity Activated crossWalK provides a protected pedestrian crossing -- and is as simple to use as a pushing a button.

How the HAWK works:
The HAWK is normally in an “off” position until it is activated by someone wanting to cross a busy street.

When a pedestrian wishes to cross the street, they push a button, and the signal begins with a flashing yellow light that warns drivers approaching the crosswalk to slow down. 

The flashing yellow light is followed by a solid yellow light, telling drivers to prepare to stop.

The signal then changes to a solid red for the drivers to stop at the stop bar, and the pedestrian gets a walk signal. 

The solid red signal converts to a flashing red after a few seconds, allowing drivers to proceed when safe to do so. 
Download the HAWK visual sheet

These crossings are currently in use at:

  •  Scottsdale Road between Butherus Drive and Greenway-Hayden Loop
  •  Pima Road and Dixileta Drive
  •  Pima and Jomax roads
  •  Chaparral Road just east of 78th Street

New HAWK installed

Watch the dedication of this HAWK crossing in this short video.

The most recent HAWK has been installed on Scottsdale Road just north of Butherus Drive connecting Scottsdale Quarter and Kierland Commons, pictured above.  

The HAWK, or High-Intensity Activated Crosswalk, was selected for the site because pedestrian crossings are high and it’s considered too close between intersections for another traffic signal. In addition to its safety features, the HAWK device minimizes delays for major street traffic.

This particular device features a two-step crossing across Scottsdale Road to maximize efficient flow of traffic and increase the safety of crossing a busy roadway.  Pedestrians will cross one segment of Scottsdale Road, then walk along a landscaped and protected median before crossing the other side of the road.  Artistic shade structures and brick walls will guide pedestrians to cross the street at marked crosswalks where traffic will be directed to stop. This design requires that only one side of traffic to stop at a time, rather than holding up traffic across the entire street waiting for pedestrians.

The HAWK features the distinctive visual character and public art derived from the Scottsdale Road Streetscape design guidelines.