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Local Area Infrastructure Plans (LAIPS)



The city of Scottsdale adopted a Transportation Master Plan (TMP) in January 2008 where local area infrastructure plan goals, policies, and draft maps were included. One of the recommendations of the TMP was to provide opportunities for public input to finalize these plans and have them approved by the City Council.


One of a city's functions is to plan for basic infrastructure such as water, sewer, streets, emergency access, and trails. Local area infrastructure plans help determine basic infrastructure at the neighborhood level.


These plans are drafted to address where the water, sewer, streets, trails, and emergency access should be located in areas of the city that were not built through a master planned community or subdivision.


For neighborhoods that are not master planned or subdivided, several city departments have been working together to create coordinated infrastructure plans. These plans are referred to as Local Area Infrastructure Plans (LAIPS) and are designed to plan for neighborhood-specific infrastructure needs and to provide guidance for future development decisions.


These areas are often referred to as "metes and bounds" or un-subdivided areas. In Scottsdale, as in many Southwestern cities and towns, these facilities would have been provided by the developer had there been a master developer. LAIPS_Pic1


Local area infrastructure plans are one way the city can ensure that basic infrastructure is provided to all residents. While these plans have not been formally adopted by the City Council, they do serve as guides for city staff when reviewing development proposals, land divisions, and single family home construction.


City staff is proposing to initiate a process to present the current draft local area infrastructure plans to the public to gain feedback, modify the plans as necessary based upon that input as well as other city department feedback, and present the plans for adoption by the Transportation Commission, the Planning Commission, and City Council.


Over the next several months, City staff will work with neighbors in the affected areas to help confirm the draft plans and make any changes necessary.


LAIPS_Pic2Local Area Infrastructure Plan Goals


  • Coordinate streets, water and sewer, trails, etc. so they are not planned independently of one another.
  • Create a design that establishes balance between accessibility and access control and builds only the streets that are needed to serve each parcel.
  • Coordinate utility and public access improvement locations to reduce long-term costs and minimize neighborhood disruption.
  • Provide predictability for budgeting and maintenance.
  • Provide consistency in decision making while allowing for informed site decisions that would alter the plans.
  • Increase public awareness about what may happen in your neighborhood regarding infrastructure.
  • Provide property owners with consistent information regarding planned service infrastructure as it relates to their property.


How do I know if my home is affected?

To provide as much detail as possible, Scottsdale is divided into five general areas that are affected by LAIPS. Below is a list of the five areas and the approximate boundaries for each area - north, south, east and west. Each of the five areas has been divided into smaller, easier to see sub-areas.


Clicking on the name of the area will take you to a page dedicated with a list of each area’s sub-area. For your convenience, you can view or download each sub-area map.


Whisper Rock (Stagecoach Pass to Lone Mountain, Hayden to Pima)

East Shea(Shea Blvd. to Doubletree, 120th St. to 133rd Way)

Dynamite Foothills (Lone Mountain to Deer Valley, Alma School to 136th Street)

Desert Highlands (Jomax to Pinnacle Peak, 80th Place to Alma School)

Desert Foothills (Ashler Hills to Jomax, 56th to 90th Street)


Remember, if you currently live in a master-planned community or sub-division, you are not affected by LAIPS. If your home or property is affected by LAIPS, you will receive a letter in the mail from the city of Scottsdale.

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