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Tax Rates

Transaction Privilege (Sales) Tax Rate: The City of Scottsdale imposes a 1.65% Privilege "sales" tax. The combined privilege "sales" tax rate for the City of Scottsdale, State of Arizona, and Maricopa County is 7.95% for most taxable activities, contact the Department of Revenuelinks to external site not part of the City of Scottsdale web site for the collection of State tax. The city separately licenses businesses and collects its own tax and is not part of the state collection program.

Use Tax Rate: The City of Scottsdale imposes a 1.45% use tax on items stored or used in the city which have been purchased or rented without a privilege or sales tax equal to the Scottsdale use tax rate.

Transient Tax Rate: In addition to the 1.65% privilege tax on rental of real property, there is a 5.0% transient lodging tax on any hotel, motel, apartment, or individual charging for lodging space to any person for 29 days or less.


Effective June 1, 2013 - Combined Tax Rates - City, State, County

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