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Alley Maintenance Schedule and Progress

"Working together, we can keep our alleys safe and clean."

Alley Maintenance Program Schedules
(pdf / 283kb / 1 page) Updated 4-14-11
Weed Spraying Schedule
(pdf / 306kb / 1 page)
Updated 2-10-15
Dust Control Schedule(pdf / 186kb / 1 page)
Updated 4-7-15

You can expect the City to annually:

  • treat the center portion of the alley for dust control
  • treat alley surfaces to inhibit the return of vegetation  

We rely on you, the property owner, to keep the alley behind your property free from:

  • litter and debris
  • construction waste
  • landscaping granite
  • vegetation at alley perimeters

Solid Waste Management will pick up:

  • landscape trimmings
  • contained waste

For more information about your alley, contact Street Operations, 480-312-5620.