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Stormwater Quality Program - Pool Chemicals and Maintenance

Although it is perfectly safe to swim in our pools when pool chemicals are used properly, that same pool water in our stormwater system can become hazardous for aquatic life and the environment.

Pool Chemicals
Chlorine, acid, algaecides and other pool chemicals should be handled, stored, used and disposed of properly. Even the empty containers need proper cleaning before disposal.

BMPs for Pool Chemicals:

  • Follow label instruction precisely.
  • Purchase only the amount of chemical needed to do the job at this time.
  • Dispose of old or unwanted chemicals only at a Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day event.
  • Rinse all pool chemical containers three times and pour the rinse water back into the pool.

Pool Maintenance

The most common maintenance activity is routine pool backwashing. Even though the pool water is perfectly safe for swimming, backwash water can become a pollutant for the stormwater system and, in some cases, can be illegal according to City ordinances. Acid washing of pool plaster can have even more devastating effects on the stormwater system.

BMPs for Pool Maintenance:

  • Backwash water from the pool should drain into the lawn or landscaped areas of your property.
  • Never allow backwash from the pool to leave your property.
  • It is illegal for backwash pool water to cause a safety hazard on City streets.
  • All waste products from acid washing pool plaster and other periodic pool maintenance activities should be placed in appropriate containers and be legally disposed of by the contractor doing the work or the homeowner at the next Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day event.

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