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Stormwater Quality Program - Oil Changes and Auto Maintenance

Keeping your vehicles in good repair helps prevent exhaust emissions from adding to air pollution, and can prevent automotive fluids from leaking onto the streets. When it does rain, stormwater flows down the street and picks up any automotive fluids on the street. This stormwater then enter storm drains. Many small oil leaks and spills add up to a significant problem.

Oil/Fluid Changes:

If you change your own motor oil and other automotive fluids, clean up every accidental spill. Any fluid left on the pavement will get washed down our driveways and streets, and the next time it rains, end up in our stormwater system.

BMPs for used motor oil and automotive fluids:

  • Use a drip pan when changing motor oil and all other automotive fluids
  • If your vehicle leaks any fluid, put a towel under it when parked
  • Fix leaks as soon as possible
  • Use commercial products designed to absorb automotive fluids or use old towels, kitty litter or sand
  • Sweep up used absorbent materials immediately
  • Never hose off the driveway or street with water to "lean up" a spill or leak
  • Use a broom and sweep regularly
  • Take all contaminated towels and absorbents to the next Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day event.
  • Take all used oil to a used oil recycling facility. Call 1-800-CLEANUP for the location nearest your home. Many auto parts stores offer oil recycling services.
  • Save used oil and other used automotive fluids and dispose of them at the next Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day event.
  • All major vehicle maintenance and repair should be performed at a licensed and environmentally responsible auto repair facility.

It is illegal to perform major automotive repair on city streets.

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