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Adult Softball - Coed Schedules and Standings

Winter 2015

Winter 2015 team schedules will be posted one week prior to that divisions first game unless otherwise noted. 

Standings will be posted after all teams have finished their second week of play in case division placement needs to ba adjusted. Team Captains are responsible for ensuring posted scores and standings are correct. Division standings will be considered FINAL the day following the last season games

All players bats must pass a barrel compression test and have an Adult Sports approved sticker on it. Blue and green stickers are currently the only valid stickers.  Call to schedule a bat test appointment 480-312-0227.

The Adult Sports Office is located in the Chaparral Park Community Center (5401 N Hayden Rd).

For Playoffs

The top 1 or 2 teams in some divisions may move up and the bottom 1 or 2 teams move down, in order to promote more balance in the playoffs. You may need to look in the higher or lower division on the same night if you cannot find your team. Teams only move if division sites are nearby or at the same site.



Tuesday -  C Tournament |   D Tournament
Wednesday - B Tournament  |  C Tournament 
Thursday - C Tournament  |  D Tournament
Friday - C Tournament  | D Tournament 

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