Class Supplies

Certain art classes require materials which must be supplied by students and brought to the first day of class. These materials lists can be found on this page. If you have questions regarding materials and supplies or have any additional questions, please call the Leisure Education Office at 480-312-7957 or email


Consalvo - Draw/Paint (pdf/134kb/1p)
Taylor - Draw/Paint (pdf/91kb/1p)
Consalvo - Drawing I (pdf/134kb/1p)
Lundquist - Life Drawing and Drawing Portraits (pdf/98kb/1p)
Lundquist - Charcoal Wash Drawing (pdf/56kb/1p)
Milman - Draw/Paint (pdf/54kb/1p)
            Milman - Drawing


Taylor - Jewelry (pdf/113kb/1p)

Oil and Acrylic

Consalvo - Oil and Acrylic (pdf/79kb/1p)
Consalvo - Oil Painting, Intermediate (pdf/129kb/1p)
Fried - Oil and Acrylic (pdf/83kb/2pp)
Leonelli - Oil and Acrylic (pdf/109kb/1p) 
Merritt - Oil and Acrylic (pdf/44kb/1p)
Milman - Oil and Acrylic (pdf/128kb/1p)
Taylor - Oil and Acrylic (pdf/93kb/1p)
Taylor - Oil and Acrylic - Pallet Knife (pdf/163kb/2pp)
Wrobel - Oil and Acrylic (pdf/72kb/1p)


Consalvo - Watercolor (pdf/138kb/1p)
Leonelli - Paint Studio (pdf/107kb/2pp)
Levine - Watercolor (pdf/90kb/1p)
Milman - Watercolor (pdf/70kb/1p)
Schneider - Pastel (pdf/111kb/1p)
Taylor - Watercolor (pdf/184kb/1p)
Fall 2014 Recreation Brochure

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