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Shopper Testimonial

Susan MaturaI just wanted to let you know that I appreciate all those "shop local" signs that you are putting around town. I specifically see the ones at the Arabian Library and the MMR Aquatic center (every day when I bring my kids to their swim lessons.)

It is a nice reminder of where our sales-tax dollars go, and it worked on me.

Last week I needed to go to Aaron Brothers to buy some frames. I originally planned to stop at the Desert Ridge location on my way back from an errand. Then I realized I could wait a day, and go to the one in Scottsdale (near the 101 and FLW Blvd).

It wasn't a large purchase, but your campaign got me thinking, so I shopped in Scottsdale.

I just thought you would appreciate knowing that your campaign is working.

Thank you!

Susan Matura
Scottsdale Resident

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