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Dine at AZ88 in ScottsdaleEvery time you make a purchase or patronize a business, you are exercising your power of choice.  Did you know that every time you choose a business in Scottsdale, your purchase goes to preserve the outstanding quality of life that makes Scottsdale such a wonderful place to live, work, play and visit?

Your purchase helps the City of Scottsdale preserve parks and recreation centers, fill libraries with books and research materials and provide the police and fire services that keep our community safe.

When you purchase outside of our community, your money stays there . . . outside of our community. Shopping in Scottsdale is a sound investment that generates immediate benefits – for you and your neighbors.

So exercise your power of choice . . . Shop Scottsdale

So where ARE Scottsdale's boundaries?

Some citizens may be suprised to find out that they have been shopping outside of Scottsdale and giving their sales tax dollars to another community. We've put together some maps to define your shopping boundaries. View the maps.

Susan MaturaCitizen Susan Matura wants to support city programs

It's citizens like Susan who utilize and appreciate the services Scottsdale citizens enjoy. And if all citizens kept in mind that their sales tax dollars make a difference in the community and made the choice to SHOP in their community, important city programs would be supported. Read more.


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