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Public Safety Plan Information

City of Scottsdale Public Safety Plan

Various resources associated with the new Scottsdale Public Safety Plan that went into effect on October 10th, 2013 are available below.

The new ordinance applies to businesses that require age verification for admittance, provide live entertainment or a DJ.

Businesses required to comply with the new ordinance that have not submitted applications and have not met the deadline, are required to submit their application immediately.  Those not in compliance with the City Ordinance are subject to enforcement action.

Due to the large number of applications received near the end of the deadline, dedicated enforcement is expected to begin February 1st, 2014.

Please e-mail psp@scottsdaleaz.gov if you are unsure if you are required to submit a Public Safety Plan.  Scottsdale Revised Code 23-54.A makes it unlawful to operate without a Public Safety Plan if you are required to have one.  Failure to submit and receive an approved plan, may subject you and your business to criminal and civil penalties.

Training classes are offered once a month (see the link below).

    Public Safety Plan Application  (pdf/489KB/2 pages)

Impacted Businesses Letter
    Public Safety Plan Letter to Businesses  (pdf/637KB/1 page)
    Public Safety Plan Final Notice Letter    (pdf/104KB/1 page)

    Public Safety Plan Ordinance DRAFT  (pdf/172KB/9 pages)

Sample Documents

Training Classes
    Security Personnel Training Class

For any questions, please contact Detective John Miller or Detective Brian Amrine at 480-312-5000.