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Operation Identification

Operation Identification

What is it?

  • Engrave your driver’s license or state issued identification number on property as a deterrent to crime.
  • To borrow an engraver, call the nearest Crime Prevention Officer. You need a picture ID and proof of local address, and engravers are available for 7 days per check out.  Crime Prevention Unit phone numbers are based on your geographic location:
District 1 (McKellips to Osborn) 480-312-0275
District 2 (Osborn to McDonald) 480-312-2594
District 3 (McDonald to Cactus) 480-312-5696
District 4 (Cactus Rd. north) 480-312-8802
  • Engrave the state abbreviation (e.g. AZ), followed by the driver’s license number or state issued identification number and expiration date on the backside of each item.
  • Don’t use your social security number as the identification number you engrave on your property.
  • Create a property inventory record that includes the make, model, color, style, etc. of valuables.
  • Photograph and videotape your entire premises and keep the tape and photos in a safe place.
  • Once you return the engraver, you will be given an Operation Identification decal to display prominently on an external widow of your home or business. This advises potential thieves that you have taken the necessary steps to protect your property.

What happens if I’m a victim of a burglary?

If any police department recovers your stolen property based on the engraving, you will be notified to reclaim the items. Please note: when you reclaim your items, you’ll need your driver’s license or state issued ID.

Where can I find out more about crime prevention?

For more about the city's crime prevention programs, go to http://www.scottsdaleaz.gov/safety.