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Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (C.P.T.E.D.)

What Is It?

C.P.T.E.D. (pronounced SEP-TED) is an urban planning tool that emphasizes the use of physical design features and land use characteristics to reduce or remove opportunities for criminal activity and to deter criminal behavior.

Five Elements:

  • TERRITORIALITY - Defining your property as YOUR space to make criminals feel unwelcome. It’s an expression of ownership and pride. Fencing is one component of Territoriality.
  • NATURAL SURVEILLANCE - The intended users can observe the property. Effective lighting of a property is an example of natural surveillance.
  • ACTIVITY SUPPORT - Placing activity where individuals become part of the natural surveillance.
  • ACCESS CONTROL - Controlling and reducing the number of access points to a property. Gated communities are an example of access control.
  • MAINTENANCE - Regularly scheduled maintenance routine will ensure the property demonstrates territoriality and natural surveillance.

Safe By Design vs. Retrofit:

Ideally, buildings in Scottsdale should be constructed with CPTED concepts built in. There are buildings that have already been built that must be retrofit to reduce criminal opportunities. For either safe by design or retrofit information, call a Scottsdale Police Department Crime Prevention Officer:
McKellips Rd. to Osborn Rd. – Travis Kerby 480-312-0275
Osborn Rd. to McDonald Rd. – Eric Bolles 480-312-2594
McDonald Rd. to Cactus Rd. – Kory Sneed 480-312-5696
Cactus Rd. to Seven Springs Rd. – Jason Glenn 480-312-8802