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Child Safety

FBI Child Safety App What would you do in the first few minutes after you realize that your child is missing?
  • The FBI has developed an App (mobile application) to help you in just such a situation (currently only available for iPhones and available through iTunes). Learn more.
A New Way to Look at An Old Problem
  • 95% of all child abductions and molestations were done by someone the child knew or thought they knew (source: FBI).
  • 5% of all child abductions and molestations were done by a "stranger".
  • Teaching "stranger danger" doesn't apply to 95% of reported cases. We need to teach our children to be safe 100% of the time!

Teach Your Children:

  • Your child needs to CHECK FIRST with you before they go ANYWHERE with ANYONE at ANY TIME. Teach this to them as a slogan and have them repeat it.
  • CHECK FIRST before you get in a car or go in a building with anyone, even a neighbor or someone you think you know.
  • CHECK FIRST before you take candy, food, toys, etc. from anyone.
  • Children need to know their full name, address (including state) and telephone (including area code).
  • If children find a gun or bullets - do not touch it! Tell an adult.

Cyber Safety

  • Your child should not give out any personal information.
  • Your child should not give out his or her photo without your permission.
  • Your child should never agree to meet in person someone they "met" online.
  • Your child should tell you if anything upsetting occurs on the Internet.