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Neighborhood Block Parties

Neighborhood Block Parties are a great way to get to know your neighbors, build relationships, promote neighborhood safety, create a sense of community and… have fun! To help neighborhoods get together, we've created tips to make it easy for you to get started hosting your event!

Block Party Application and Policies (pdf/141kb/2pp)
Block Party Checklist (pdf/47kb/1pp)

We have block party equipment available to check out:

  • Portable sound system (for announcements)
  • Traffic safety cones (to block ends of street or cul-de-sac)
  • Pop-up shade canopy
  • Ice chests
  • 40-cup electric coffee maker (includes filter)

Helpful tips: 

  • Please submit your request for equipment at least two weeks prior to the event by submitting a completed block party application
  • Organizer must arrange for pick up and return
  • Normal equipment checkout is from Friday to the following Monday (please ask for prior approval for alternate arrangements)
  • Equipment checkout is subject to availability
  • Proper ID (Driver's license, State ID, U.S. Government ID, US passport) is required for equipment checkout. Responsible party must 21 or older. 
  • Registered organizers may be held responsible for loss or damage to city equipment

We have party ideas and suggestions (pdf/1mb/10pp) upon request!

  • Themes
  • Activities
  • "Ice Breakers"
  • Games

We can help with visitors/guests for your block party! (Subject to availability and must be made 30 days in advance)

  • Police Staff
  • Elected Officials
  • Fire Staff
  • Solid Waste/Recycling

Call 480-312-2821 with requests.