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Auto Theft Prevention

Did you know...
  • In Maricopa County, more than half of all cars stolen were left unlocked by the owners
  • Nearly one quarter of all cars stolen had the keys left inside

What are some preventative measures to protect your vehicle?

  • Always lock your car and take your keys  
  • Never leave the vehicle running and unattended  
  • Never leave a spare set of keys in your vehicle   
  • Use auto theft deterrents (steering wheel locks and /or alarms)  
  • Park in well-lit areas and be familiar with your surroundings  
  • Park in attended lots  
  • Keep all valuables and packages out of sight  
  • If you have a garage, use it and lock your car in the garage. 
  • Park with your wheels sharply toward the curb and put on your parking brake. 
  • Thieves will often use tow trucks or flatbed trucks to steal your vehicle and this will   make it a little more difficult for them.

What are some Anti-Theft Systems and other preventative options?

  • Anti-Theft Systems - Including siren or horn alarms, starter disablers, motion       
    sensors, remote control activation, panic buttons and shock detectors on doors,
    windows or trunk lids.  
  • Steering Wheel Locks – Steering wheel locks are visible from outside the vehicle
    and prevent the wheel from being turned more then a few degrees.  
  • Collars – Collars are devices that wrap around the steering column and prevent the
    steering column from being stripped and exposing the starting mechanism.
  • Fuel or “Kill” switches - Inexpensive switch inside the vehicle cuts off fuel supply or
    “kills” electrical current and must be flipped before vehicle will start.   Check if  
    vehicle’s warranty is affected before installing.
  • VIN etching – The vehicle identification number of your vehicle is etched on
    windows and / or major parts to make them easier to trace.
  • Vehicle Tracking Systems – Hidden transmitters allow stolen vehicle to be tracked
    by police or by global positioning satellites.