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Commercial Roll-Off Services

Got a big job and need roll-off service? Just call us at 480-312-5600! We can get you the right container for your job when you need it!

Scottsdale's Solid Waste Management Division's Commercial Services Program is proud to offer 20, 30 and 40 yard roll-off box service. Boxes are available for businesses, construction, industrial or large residential clean up projects.

We also offer Commercial Bin Service

Available Services

The City of Scottsdale offers commercial roll-off containers (boxes) in the following sizes:

20 cubic yards
30 cubic yards
40 cubic yards

  • Commercial roll-off collection is available five days per week to meet your needs.

  • All roll-off containers are 8 feet wide and about 20 feet in length. 20 yard boxes are 4 feet tall, 30 yards are 6 feet tall and 40 yards are 8 feet tall.

  • We also provide service for privately owned compactors.

  • Basic per dump service fees include the first 5 tons of weight. Tonnage above 5 tons are billed in addition to the basic service fees at the City's contracted landfill tipping fees. Please call us at 480-312-5600 for pricing and other information, or send us an Email.

    Roll off

Compare our Service Features

  • Competitive Rates: Rates are based on the size of the container, and tonnage on a per dump basis (the first 5 tons are included). Rates are evaluated annually based on our cost of providing service. So you get no surprise cost increases.
  • Unsurpassed Customer Service: We not only work in the community, we're a part of it. We take pride in doing our part to make Scottsdale a great place to live and work. Our management is responsive and accessible to our customers and their needs.
  • Box Maintenance: We provide the boxes and maintain and repair them as needed at no extra cost to the customer. Maintaining sanitary conditions in and around the box is the responsibility of the customer. Please be sure not to overload boxes.
  • No Missed Collections: If your box is inaccessible we just don't leave it, we try to contact you so we can provide you with the service you need when you need it.
  • Same Day Special Pick-ups: If you have an emergency and fill up your container unexpectedly, just call us. We will do our best to accommodate you, and in most cases we will be able to provide you with a special collection that same day.