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Brush and Bulk Collection Guidelines

**The Brush and Bulk is currently 3 days behind schedule, we thank you for your patience in this event.**

We provide monthly brush and bulk item collection to City residents who pay for residential collection services. This service is an enhancement to the weekly containerized collection of refuse and recycling. It is designed to provide an easy and convenient way for residents to dispose of items
like yard waste, furniture, mattresses, and other household items generated from their homes or within their fenced property which are too large in size or too large in quantity to dispose of in their refuse container. To assure that we will be able to collect your items please be aware of the following guidelines, tips and don’ts.


  • Have your items out for collection by 5:00 AM the Monday of the week your area is scheduled for brush collection.
  • Schedule your trimmings and clean up projects to coincide with the brush removal schedule, so we can remove your material from the curb or alley in a timely manner. Your neighbors will appreciate it!
  • Piles should not exceed 10’ long by 6’ wide by 4’ tall. If you exceed these limits solid waste crews may only spend 20 minutes per residence. Material left behind will be picked up on the following month collection date and must be removed from the curb until the next collection.
  • Please stack items neatly, parallel to the street on your front property line, where your trash collection typically takes place. Do not put brush and bulk material on the street. If you have alley garbage collection, place bulk trash on your side of the alley along your property line only.
  • Crews are responsible for removal of large debris only. The equipment used often leaves behind small debris, which is the responsibility of the resident to clean up. Service will not be provided if bulk trash is improperly placed, deemed unsafe to collect or contains unacceptable items such as construction material or loose cactus.
  • Remember that each homeowner is responsible for the manner in which their material is placed out for collection, whether or not they hire someone else to do the work.





  • Cut tree limbs into 6-foot segments and stacked neatly so that all cut ends point in the same direction.
  • Tree limbs and other objects must be less than 12 inches in diameter.
  • Wood panels and wood fencing must be no larger than 5 feet square.
  • Keep glass separate from other items, in small, sturdy cardboard boxes and clearly labeled. Boxes should be 2’x2’x2’ or smaller.
  • Place yard clippings (grass, leaves, palm tree skins and bark) in plastic bags. Bags must be securely tied.
  • Place cacti in sturdy closed boxes with lids. Boxes should be 2’x2’x2’ or smaller.
  • Refrigerators must have the attached doors, hinges, lids and latches removed and have the refrigerant removed by a licensed technician. (Arizona Revised Statutes (ARS) 36-1651)


What Not to Do:

  • Do not place brush or bulk items out for collection more than nine days prior to the Monday of the scheduled week of collection. For more information on this new rule, contact Solid Waste at 480-312-5600.
  • Do not place bulk trash on or within 4 feet of city-owned containers or bins, water meters, cable boxes, fire hydrants, block walls or other fixed objects
  • Do not place a community piles out for collection.
  • Do not mix trash, rocks, dirt, wire, cactus, grass, bricks, cement, or other materials in with your brush. Our crews will be unable to collect your brush until these items are removed.
  • Do not put out paint, paint thinners, strippers, pesticides, batteries, motor oils, chlorine, pool acid, or other prohibited items. Each homeowner is responsible for proper disposal of these items. Any size tires will not be collected.
  • Do not place bulk trash in the street or on the sidewalk.
  • Do not park within 10 feet of bulk trash piles.
  • Do not put bulk trash in unmarked containers you wish to keep. Containers must be clearly marked if you want them to be returned. 
  • Do not place your material more than 6 feet onto your property or behind your fence. Our crews may be unable to collect your material.
  • No construction or remodeling materials. No sheet glass to include: windows, mirrors, ect... Residents will be responsible for discarding this type of material.   


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