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Public Records Request Directory

Many public documents are available on our website. You can search for available documents online. You may also fill out and submit a public records request. Forms are available below to request:

General Public Records Request

Please Note: Public records are maintained in various locations and some records may contain private or sensitive information that requires additional review and possible redaction. Additional time may be needed to process requests involving these types of records and an estimated time frame will be communicated to the requestor. 

City Courts Records Request

  • Scottsdale City Court records are available to the public. To request copies of records, submit a completed form to the Scottsdale City Court in person, by mail or facsimile.
  • Courts Records Request form (PDF)
  • This form may be filled out and then printed. Depending on your version of Adobe Acrobat, you may not be able to save the filled form. To test, fill in one or two fields and then click > Save.

Planning and Development Public Records Request (Non-Commercial Use)

Police & Fire Public Records Request (Fire and Police)

Request a Crime Analysis Report