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Law Enforcement Records Personnel Appreciation Day

November 9, 2017 has been proclaimed Law Enforcement Records Personnel Appreciation Day by Arizona Governor Doug Ducey

Scottsdale Police Records Supervisors on behalf of Arizona Law Enforcement Records Managers Association (AZ LERMA), an organization with statewide membership, requested and received a proclamation from the Governor of the State of Arizona declaring November 9th, 2017, as Law Enforcement Records Personnel Appreciation Day.le-records-personnel-appreciation-day

Daily tasks completed by Law Enforcement Records personnel here at Scottsdale Police include: public records requests of any form (including police reports, on body cameras recordings, 911 recordings, interviews, photos, etc.), subpoenas, fulfilling other government agency report requests and administrative support for our officers and detectives.

“It is now and will always be our goal to provide valuable, timely information and services for our citizens and law enforcement officers. At the Scottsdale Police Department we have an incredibly passionate staff that sincerely cares about accuracy, timeliness and professionalism. Today is a long time coming, and a special day to celebrate all Records personnel’s dedication around the state!” -Whitney Pitt Scottsdale Police Records Manager.

Law enforcement agencies throughout the state depend on Records personnel to provide vital services.

  • Records personnel provide professional communication daily with citizens and local government, as well as other city, county, state and federal government offices.
  • Records personnel continually use their expertise and experience assisting in researching, reporting and maintaining accurate criminal history in local databases as well as criminal history information reported to state and federal agencies.
  • Records personnel are crucial to helping law enforcement agencies research and report information which can ultimately help identify, pursue and identify suspects.

Records Unit functions vary slightly from agency to agency throughout the state, but share many common responsibilities and goals.



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