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Kidnapping Suspect Arrested

The Scottsdale Police Department arrested Tiffany N. Baginski (30 years old) for the kidnapping of a 4 year old boy from his home.  

Kidnapping Suspect BaginskiYesterday at 2:50 p.m., Scottsdale police officers responded to an apartment located at 6600 E. Avalon for a Missing Child call.  The officers encountered a caregiver who told them that the 4 year old boy she had been tending was missing from the home.  The child was last seen in the front room of the apartment with a closed screen (front) door.  The caregiver was in another room when she heard an adult female voice coming from the front of the apartment.

When the caregiver went to check the front room, the screen door was open and the child was gone.

Officers quickly locked down all of the streets in the neighborhood and began stopping and checking all vehicles attempting to leave the area.  At approximately 3:20 p.m., a patrol officer located the victim child walking with Baginski in an alley by the Circle K at 3050 N 68th St.  Baginski was quickly arrested and the child was returned to his family unharmed.  

The investigators learned that Baginski had walked up to the screen door of the victim’s residence and lured the victim outside to take him.  The victim and the suspect were unknown to one another.  Baginski, who lives locally, is being held on Kidnapping and Custodial Interference charges.  The case remains under investigation.



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