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Arrests made in new Crime Trend - "Jugging"

On 06/28/2017, Nathaniel Ray House Jr. (age 25) and accomplice, Qu Nesha Lache Ward (age 23), were arrested for several vehicle burglaries in a new crime trend to hit the valley called “Jugging “.













In this trend coming out of Houston, TX criminal gang members will generally stake out banks and ATM’s, watching for people leaving with bank bags or envelopes, and will follow the victims to other locations.  The suspects then burglarize the victim’s vehicle while the victim is away.

At 10:15 a. m. on 05/18/2017, Scottsdale Police Department patrol officers responded to a vehicle burglary call in the parking lot of the Albertson’s at 2785 N Scottsdale Rd.  It was learned that the victim had made a cash withdrawal at a bank just prior to arriving at the grocery store.  Night-time Unit Detectives later took over the case and identified House and Ward as suspects.

After a month long investigation, detectives arrested the suspects on Wednesday (6/28/17).  House has been tied to 7 separate incidents with a total monetary loss of approximately $10,000.  House is a documented gang member from Houston, Texas.  Ward is being charged with one count of burglary from a vehicle.

The Scottsdale Police Department would like to offer these safety tips to valley residents:

- Keep large amounts of cash and other values out of public view on your person.
- Be aware of your surroundings.
- Never leave cash and other values in public view inside your car.
- If you see something suspicious, call the police.


"Jugging" Video from Houston TV News Channel 2

http://www.click2houston.com/news/jugging-crime-trend-on-the-rise-in-houston_20151124020204633links to external site



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